“A glass of milk”

"A glass of milk for the children of Hanga" project


The non-profit association "Skate Park Coperto Vanja" was founded in April of 2008 in remembrance of Vanja. Vanja was a young man from Ascona, who died in 2004 at the age of 18 in a traffic accident. In April of 2008 his mother Dragana and his brother Igor had decided to let his dream come true by creating the non-profit association "Skate Park Coperto Vanja". The inauguration of the Skate park took place on the 25th July of 2009, the day after the fifth anniversary of Vanja’s passing. On his eighteenth and last birthday, Vanja had decided to financially assist the construction of a water-well in Ghana, Africa, that carries his name even today. For that reason, our association carries on in lending a helping hand to similar projects like “A glass of milk for the children of Hanga” in Tanzania, Africa.