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The Lord Street-wear Shop is the ideal place for those who identify with modern, but nevertheless stylish fashion. Unique colours, unconventional and original design are among the main attributes of the wear we stock exclusively.

We offer you a really special service in an atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable, cared for and attended to, when choosing the piece that best fits your personal style. All our outfits do not belong to a stock series, but are part of a unique wardrobe chosen with care. You get exceptional prices plus bonuses for trips to the Mediterranean, language and computer courses at the Glossa language school or tickets for the indoor skate park Vanja!

Here are the brands for kids (from a few months of age till the age of 7), men and women:  Burton, O'Neill, Roxy, Etnies, Vans, Paul Frank, Converse, Fallen, Lobster, Emily the Strange, Nike, Emerica, Addict, Hurley, Jeanger Soul, Element!


The Lord street-wear shop is located in Riazzino, in the Via Cantonale, on the first floor of the indoor skate park Vanja. It is open from Wednesday through Sunday from 2 pm till 7 pm.


To see the article price, move the mouse across the image, click “open” and then “i”.

In order to order articles online, use the contact page or send us an e-mail!

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